ImageAs you can see, things are coming along swimmingly at the King Road Community! We’ve got some new promotional material up to hopefully attract new renters and get the word out about the Hearth!


The west side units have been painted and are almost done, with a few interior things still being worked on -though they’re very close to being complete! The community has really been transformed over the past few months, and we are in the final stages of the process. The gate should be put in within the next couple weeks, so be sure to check back!ImageImage


It has been a busy month here at the King Road Community!ImageImageAs you can see, the units on the east side of the lot have been painted and the turf has been put down on the front lawns. The gates have also been installed and painted, and the units are pretty much good to go!


The units on the west are still in the process of being revamped, but we’re sure that they’ll look just as amazing as the others when they’ve been completed!Image


Things are progressing pretty rapidly around here, so make sure you check back for updates!

The construction is coming along swimmingly here at the King Road Community; there will be pictures to come! Fences have already been put up for the individual units and the units themselves are currently in the process of being painted. It’s been pretty noisy around here the past few days, but the process that they’ve made has been amazing! Keep checking the page for updates -we’ll get pictures up soon!

SUCCESS! ImageAs you can see, the asphalt has finally been laid down! It was done first thing yesterday morning, so it is already dry and able to be walked/driven on. Everyone here is pretty excited, to say the least. The construction is coming along steadily; make sure you check back for more updates!


As you can see, the construction is well on its way. For the past few weeks, you had to navigate around giant mounds of dirt and seemingly bottomless pools of mud in order to even get near the office; after you’d finally reached it, it was really just a matter of luck as to whether or not the stairs were even in place for you to get in. I think I speak for everyone who had to visit the office within the past month or so when I say that we could not be more relieved that this is finally starting to resemble a road. Needless to say, we won’t miss the games of “Dodge the Giant Construction Equipment” that we’ve been playing any time that we are coming to or going from the office. The most recent update that we have from the construction workers, as of last week, is that they are hoping to put down the asphalt within the next week or so.

The sidewalk outside of the units on the left side has been completed, and the workers are hoping to get a sidewalk in on the right side pretty soon. Two of our tenants have already moved into the refurbished units, with the third moving in early March. Several of the other units should be completed within the next few months.

Be sure to check back often for the latest news regarding the King Road Community!

Just so we can start everything at the beginning, here is the text from the massive email blast the Hearth Foundation sent out on July 12th announcing the Award/Grant monies we received from the Arizona Department of Housing after a lengthy application process.  These monies are funding the King Road Community construction. Special mention should also be given to the Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation who provided additional funding.


                      SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

The Hearth Foundation Awarded $718,986 from ADOH


Dear Friend and Supporter,

It is with great humility that I have the honor to announce that the Hearth Foundation has received an award from the Arizona Department of Housing to completely renovate our transitional housing community located on King Road. The amount of the award is $718,986. This is the news that I first shared on KGUN9’s “Morning Blend” this morning.

This award is the first of its kind for the Hearth Foundation and is the culmination of 25 years of dedicated work by every president and every board member who has served the Hearth Foundation since 1987. All should take tremendous pride in this accomplishment.

I want to especially acknowledge our attorney, Marc Goldsen, Udall Law Firm, and the team at La Frontera Arizona for their guidance and support.  Special thanks also go to the Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation for providing additional funding.  Construction is scheduled to start in early August. For more details as construction commences, please visit our website at

Thank you for your continued support.  I look forward to sharing our progress with you in the future.

Best Regards,

Michael Campbell

President, Hearth Foundation